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Farringdon and in particular, Lower Farringdon is especially vulnerable to flooding.

Typically, throughout autumn and winter, rainwater raises the water table and after heavy rain water becomes visible in fields along the A32, Gosport Road. The neighbouring villages of Chawton and Newton Valence are also vulnerable.
In recent years, flooding has caused the abandonment of a Housing development at the bottom of Shirnall Meadow and a 4 month closure of the A32.

Hampshire County Council and the Environment Agency have been working together to reinstate and clear ditches and gullies along the A32, so that excess rainwater can find it’s natural path and run away towards the River Wey, at Alton.

Houses, especially those with cellars are vulnerable and all residents are advised to download and read the leaflets below. Homeowners have the sole responsibility of protecting their homes from flooding and some have pumping equipment on standby. Hampshire County Council are not under any obligation to supply sandbags to individuals as they are responsible for the community as a whole.

Homeowners in Lower Farringdon, especially those whose homes have rear gardens to the East of the A32, are asked to ensure that natural water-ways and ditches are cleared of debris. Similarly, please ensure fences and walls are maintained so that water can pursue a natural path Northbound towards Chawton.

Farringdon Parish Councillor David Williams is fully engaged with HCC and the Environment Agency and continues to monitor groundwater levels so that some warning of an imminent flood can be given.