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Potential floods in Farringdon

By Parish Clerk Farringdon Parish Council Hampshire

Thursday, 19 January 2023


Farringdon Parish Council Hampshire Contributor




Following the persistent rainfall and the observed rising levels of the local ground water, Farringdon Parish Council are advising residents especially along the A32 to now plan-ahead for any potential flooding.

WATER LEVELS locally are now rising on average 0.43 m/day. Today's level is 112.33 AOD and would account for water seen in the Chawton fields as the ground level here is 111m AOD

(AOD refers to "ABOVE ORDNANCE DATUM" used to be height above sea level at NEWLYN in Cornwall)

If the water table rise continues, it is expected that Farringdon crossroads ground height (117m AOD) will be achieved 14th February and by then water will be seen in local A32 cellars possibly by 31st January.

Water in A32 drainage ditches is being observed and the “river is flowing from Chawton Church field through Chawton to beyond Lumbry Park.”

Of course, conditions change and are mainly dependent on what is happening with the rainfall, water flow and levels south of us in the Meon valley.

Please note Hampshire County Council no longer supply sandbags to residents to protect their own property and EHDC have limited supplies and prioritize their use in emergency situations.

Sandbags supplies can be obtained locally from building merchants such as Travis Perkins, Coomers and Wickes but supplies may be limited and this is a DIY process. Wickes also supplies Hydro Snake flood and spill barrier packs.

A quick internet search will find other products and suppliers.

The Environmental Agency provide via their website comprehensive information of what to do in a flood and we would advise reading the published articles

The Parish Council would highly recommend residents to sign up to receive flood risk notifications just register your details at this EA website

Locally information can be found on the Noticeboards, the Farringdon PC website,, the local WhatsApp village group and if you are signed up to these services.

The following is a request from HCC Flood Management Group mainly for those residents living near the A32 where the rising Lavant stream "flows" through their gardens.

"All parishioners that are riparian owners – those that have a watercourse (ditch or pipe) within or adjacent to their land;they should ensure there is a clear channel for the water to flow. Where the watercourse passes through gardens (such as those along Gosport Rd), if a fence is present there should be a gap equivalent to a 450mm diameter pipe to give adequate capacity for expected flows.
Any screen or mesh should ideally be removed to ensure no debris gets caught but if one is present the recommended mesh size is no smaller that 100mm (10cm)."

It has also been stated that the landowner is now responsible for any ditches on their land excluding the road /lane runoffs which are dealt with by HCC on a regular basis.

Cllr David Williams January 18th 2023

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